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USB IO classes phone manufacturers history
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EU WEEE authorities require handheld device manufacturers because the interface differences responsible for waste and pollution caused , IO class mobile phone manufacturers want a unified interface USB protocol can reduce this waste. EU also suggested a new phone in the packaging due to the relationship people have MicroUSB charger , the charger can be omitted . As a result, not only can reduce waste, packaging and transportation costs can also be reduced. Furthermore an interface for charging and data transfer , you can simplify the operation , the user is also a good thing.
June 2004 including Vodafone , Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Spain, Telefonica, Telecom Italia (TelecomItaliaMobile) and Japan NTTDoCoMo other major global mobile network operators , as well as Nokia, Samsung , Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG and other major mobile phone vendors set up the Open Mobile terminal Platform (OpenMobileTerminalPlatform, OMTP) organization . USB IO classes phone manufacturers announced OMTP unified global mobile phone charger interface standard MicroUSB, MicroUSB specification supports the new mobile phones and other mobile devices to the USB technology, and for the future smaller, more compact and portable device ready. Mobile phone , MP4, digital cameras and other portable devices without a PC in the case of transit to be interconnected communication . USB IO classes in future mobile handsets produced by manufacturers committed to using the MicroUSB standard , and strive to become the future of mobile unified charging port , MicroUSB interface allows an interface can be used for charging , audio and data connectivity.
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