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Shenzhen Electronics hypermarket business model change of classics
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In this course , experienced a plant relocation , market loss, business pains , functional upgrading, industrial restructuring , format upgrade, modification , etc., business district development and operational aspects . Changes so far , Huaqiang North Commercial District , Shenzhen has become the Pearl River Delta , and the country 's largest distribution center for electronic information products , has formed a professional electronic market-leading, relevant formats symbiotic , in the country 's most influential , high radiation at home and abroad electronic information services district. In this process, the municipal government of Shenzhen Futian District Government and the two levels of government to bring collar outline guidance and under the guidance of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce throughout the advocacy, matching , assistance, communication and oversight philosophy based education on Huaqiang North business district apparently is the industry recognized " China 's E-first Street ," with its high-end leadership to lead the beacon is domestic electronic information industry in the industrial format portfolio , hypermarket operator , product innovation , technology development , human attract, service filling , structural adjustment , consultative letter accessibility, equipment and other integrated innovation strategy Wadi .
"Global 500 prop Huaqiang North end procurement chain", " Huaqiang North electronic market price index released to the world ", " Huaqiang North sneezing, colds national electronic markets " and other media give " China 's E-first Street," the high-end cognition and Communication , is enough to explain its presence in the Chinese electronics market barometer position. Huaqiang North electronic commerce area can have a high-end status is now inseparable from the national macro- control policies , the government can not do without two high-end guidance inseparable Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce advocates and ideas spread in the industry , have a veritable Chinese commercial Street, the most credible and most influential high-end brands , only from single to thousands of companies competing , and from the size of a competing brand of harmony and unity to a unique business model evolution process , while exploring judged "China's E-first Street ," a unique business model that is the core idea of this chapter .
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